I am a big fan of ‘How To…’ books when it comes to drawing.

Lately I have been practising manga/anime style sketches. These are some of the books I’m using at the moment: Draw Your Own Manga and How to Draw Manga Style.

Both books give a good breakdown of different manga styles and how to draw eyes, hands, faces etc. Pretty good if you want to improve on basic skills.

I’ve been using these books for a few weeks now and have been experimenting with their characters and trying out my own sketches.

Below are some very rough examples of practice sketches of mine from a month or two ago. I have decided to showcase all my artistic attempts on this blog as a way of learning… so this will include absolute failed attempts, struggles with certain areas, as well as polished pieces. It is also a good way to see how to overcome certain drawing obstacles, for example the drawing of hands can be quite difficult, so I will try document my progress from start to finish.

I will post one of my  better newer drawings as my Sketch of the Week* on Friday.

Do you have any of you have any tips for drawing? Or book recommendations? Please feel free to share, I’d love to hear from you!

*Hmm I will try to think of a more exciting name!