This is my second SOTW. Another manga inspired drawing.

I originally wanted the girl in the image to be clapping, but alas I have not yet mastered the art of hands! That will require a weekend of practice sessions.

Here are the three main stages of the drawing:

I decided to frame this instead of having all my sketches hidden away in books! I bought a clear glass frame (I love these!) and also some coloured card to jazz it up a bit. I drew the head slightly too big so the card in the frame hides this flaw!

Would love to buy a few more similar frames to display more of my sketches in my bedroom, just to add a bit more character to the room. Hoping that eventually I will have more complete works to mount and frame, as opposed to just pencil sketches – but alas you have to start somewhere I guess!

How do you display your sketches? Do you frame them or have any other tips on how to showcase them instead of having them stored in sketchbooks?