I bought two colouring books the other day.     
There’s just something about colouring and drawing that I find really relaxing and therapeutic. All your daily thoughts about work and life seem to float away as you decide what a shade of red an owl’s plumage should be!

I picked up Tropical Wonderland, which is full of designs of leaves, flowers, plants and animals. I also got a little handbag sized book called The Mindfulness Coluring Book.

I have seen such a vast selection of colouring books in bookstores lately – from those about nature and animals to Harry Potter colouring books and The Hipster Colouring Book.

Colouring books have featured heavily in the top 10 non fiction charts this year tapping into the ‘Peter Pan’ market for nostalgia.
Animal Kingdom, has sold more than 320,000 copies in the UK alone this year making it the fourth best-selling book of the year and No 1 for 2015 at Amazon… where four of the top 10 titles are adult colouring books!
There’s also some Christmas themed colouring books which I really want to get my mitt(en)s on. Mulled wine optional.

What do you think? Have you bought any colouring books or have any to recommend?