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Oh what have we got here? Yet another cat sketch. I guess I like cats…




This week’s SOTW is a not-so-festive dinosaur. Maybe I should have given him a Christmas hat!

I am back home in Ireland for two weeks so rummaged around for some old art books and found Draw 50: Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals by Lee J. Ames. I love dinosaurs so this book has some great sketch ideas and shows you step-by-step how to draw each dino.

dinobookAll my art pencils are in London so my little Brontosaurus (aka Apatosaurus) is drawn with just an F pencil. I normally use 4B, 6B and 9B for pencil drawings – although this all depends on how heavy or light I want the drawing to be.

Here is a three stage breakdown of my sketch:


Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Did anyone get any good art books? I was lucky enough to get some art classes in Chelsea College of Art & Design as a present!



For this week’s SOTW I have attempted a retro style cartoon character! I recently bought a great book called Cartoon Cool.

This book shows you how to dray ultra-cartoon-y, retro, and highly stylised drawings. This is the new face of cartooning as seen in TV shows as Sponge-Bob Squarepants, Dexter’s Lab, Kim Possible, and The Fairly Odd Parents. Christopher Hart shows you how to get that almost-1950s look in your drawings. I really like his step-by-step drawings and find them very clear to understand.

Here is a three stage breakdown of my sketch:


I really enjoy this style of drawing! Do you have any tips for drawing retro style characters?


This week’s SOTW are some more little animal sketches. I have been so busy the last week that I have barely had any time to draw. I have two massive new drawing books that I haven’t even got a chance to look at yet! Every evening/night when I get home I just fall into bed…

Here is a cat and rabbit I drew:

These practice drawings come from ‘Illustration School: Let’s Draw Cute Animals’ by Sachiko Umoto. I really love the style of illustrations in this book, as the name suggests they are very cute and I love the childlike designs!

Hopefully next week I will have more time to draw (although it is shaping up to be a manic week!). At least Christmas is around the corner so I will have plenty of time home in Ireland where I can draw to my heart’s content!

For my sketch of the week I decided to experiment with some new coloured pens. I tend to only ever sketch with pencil (oh yes I am boring!) so I honestly have no idea how best to use coloured ink/pencils etc.

This was quite a quick little attempt. Here is a three stage breakdown:

I actually preferred this sketch before any colour was added. Oh well. More practice needed!

Do you have any tips for adding colour to your sketches?

My SOTW this week is a very simple hedgehog sketch. I recently bought a book called ‘Illustration School: Let’s Draw Cute Animals’ by Sachiko Umoto which shows  you how to draw some (as the title suggests!) very, very cute illustrations.

This is a three stage breakdown of my sketch.

I am trying to broaden the drawings I practice as I tend to focus on sketching people and faces! I can’t figure if it is best to draw the same types of things for a few weeks in order to improve or if it’s best to draw diverse subjects.

Do you find sometimes you end up drawing the same things over and over? Or do you try shake things up?

This is my second SOTW. Another manga inspired drawing.

I originally wanted the girl in the image to be clapping, but alas I have not yet mastered the art of hands! That will require a weekend of practice sessions.

Here are the three main stages of the drawing:

I decided to frame this instead of having all my sketches hidden away in books! I bought a clear glass frame (I love these!) and also some coloured card to jazz it up a bit. I drew the head slightly too big so the card in the frame hides this flaw!

Would love to buy a few more similar frames to display more of my sketches in my bedroom, just to add a bit more character to the room. Hoping that eventually I will have more complete works to mount and frame, as opposed to just pencil sketches – but alas you have to start somewhere I guess!

How do you display your sketches? Do you frame them or have any other tips on how to showcase them instead of having them stored in sketchbooks?

Every Friday I will post my ‘Sketch of the week’.

Be it a quick practice sketch or something more detailed. I figure it will a) ensure that I draw at least once a week and b) help me see how I progress from week to week.

So here is my first SOTW in three stages:


So there you have it! My first SOTW. I got my inspiration for this from one of my How to: Manga books.