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The creator of Spot the Dog, Eric Hill (pictured right), died this week aged 86. Growing up I remember loving his books and Spot’s adventures. I would relish the chance to see what this little puppy got up to. I was a huge fan of pop-up books, books with texture… pretty much anything that had something I could engage with aside from text/pictures! Even now, I sometimes wish their were more (any?) pop-up books for grown-ups…

“Eric’s ingenious lift-the-flap device turned the reading of a Spot book into a glorious game of hide and seek, enjoyed by children and adults alike,” said his publisher Puffin Books.

While working in London as a freelance graphic designer, one of Eric’s jobs involved an advertising ‘flyer’ design, which had a flap covering part of a funny picture. He showed the design to his two year old son Christopher who loved seeing the flap lift up to disclose the funny picture underneath. He fulfilled his nightly task of bedtime reading by making up stories to amuse him which spurred him on to do a book, this of course turned out to be ‘Where’s Spot?’. Spot was an instant hit and the series of books has now been translated into more than 60 languages and made into films and a TV show.



Eric’s publisher, Puffin, described him as “a master of simple design. He created one of the world’s most loveable children’s book characters – Spot, the charming, naughty, playful puppy, loved and appreciated across the world”.

You can read an interview with Eric HERE.




I love children’s books and how illustration can make a story come to life.

I was a massive bookworm as a child and certain books have stayed with me to this day having captured my imagination at such an early age.

In particular I loved Harry the Poisonous Centipede and even now seeing the cover gives me that excited feeling I had when first reading the book.

Stylist recently had a feature of the 100 best opening lines from children’s books.

Here are some of my favourites that I remember reading:

I love looking at the different styles of illustration. I was a massive Roald Dahl fan growing up so have a soft spot for Quentin Blake’s illustrations. I won my first art competition in primary school when I drew The Big Friendly Giant! Also loved Jacqueline Wilson’s books which are illustrated by Nick Sharratt.

Which is your favourite? Do you remember reading any of the above?